Taking Care Of Your Lashes Correctly

If you want to maintain beautiful, full, and dark lashes it’s important to have a cleansing regiment that keeps them safe. You don’t want to be too rough on the areas around the eyes as this can cause unwanted breakage and falling out of your lashes. Be delicate!

Before you go to bed each night it’s vital to remove all the makeup from your face. Leaving mascara on will weigh down the lashes. In addition, this can dry them out and make them more brittle as well as prone to breakage. If you need a good guide on how removing mascara at night be sure to check that out. Doing it the right way is important to the health of your eyelashes.

Opt for cleansing pads to remove your makeup. Don’t rub at your lashes. Typically water should remove all your makeup. You shouldn’t need any special cleansers or removers to get the job done. These specialized products can cost a bunch of money and actually irritate the facial skin. Just don’t worry about using them.