7 taboos – things to do when it rains to reduce the risk of “lightning”

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Doctor warns of death thunderstorms, lightning risk It is advisable not to use mobile phones in open areas. Revealing how to help people touch a person who was struck by lightning. because it is different from electric shock ทางเข้า https://ufabet999.com/

Where is the most vulnerable to lightning?

Dr. Danai Thiwanda, Deputy Director-General of the Department of Health suggested that During thunderstorms, avoid being in open areas such as rice fields, football fields, swimming pools, golf courses. If unavoidable, must not be near high places such as tall trees, telephone poles, electric poles. And don’t hold objects that are raised above your body, such as fishing rods, golf clubs, etc. 

Prohibitions – things to do when it rains to reduce the risk of lightning

1. Do not use a mobile phone. because there are metal materials as components cause electric wave induction This can cause the battery to short-circuit and explode. 

2. Do not use other electrical and electronic devices.

3. Remove metal objects or jewelry from the body. 

4. If hiding in a car Park your car away from large trees, tall buildings, electric poles, or large billboards. Turn off the engine. Close the windows. Do not touch any part of the vehicle with metal frames. and should sit cross-legged or put your hands on your lap

5. When in the building, all windows and doors should be closed. and away from the building walls doors and windows

6. Do not use a landline phone or use the Internet.

7. Unplug all electrical appliances. and pull out the TV antenna. to prevent short circuit This will cause a fire if lightning strikes the house.