What are the benefits of sunscreen?

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For many young men, when it comes to sunscreen, it may be a distant matter. But did you know that sunlight and heat are more harmful to your skin than you think? Therefore, even though it may seem like a hassle, add steps to your daily life. However, protecting the skin is still necessary for men.

Applying sunscreen may be viewed by many as a feminine matter. There are only women who wear sunscreen. But in fact, men should wear sunscreen as well. Because men’s skin can be damaged by sunlight. And each negative effect is not a small matter that should be overlooked at all. And this is why men should use sunscreen. Let’s go read it. http://ufabet999.com

1. Sunlight causes premature aging.

Man applying sunscreen

          60-90% of premature aging is caused by sunlight. Sunlight destroys collagen and elastin in skin cells. Over time, it causes the skin to sag. Blemishes and dark spots appear faster than they should. Sunscreen therefore helps greatly in delaying premature aging of the skin.

2. Dull skin is definitely not good.

Man applying sunscreen

          When the skin is exposed to sunlight, melanin is produced to protect the skin from sunlight. But the problem with it is It absorbs UV rays from the sun, causing it to turn brown. Seen as dark spots on the skin Which if we apply sunscreen Our skin will not have to create melanin to protect from sunlight.

3. Sunlight plays a role in causing acne.

          This is because UV rays help bacteria grow under the skin. It gets clogged beneath the oil and pores. It is the cause of acne. Sunscreen helps prevent bacteria under the skin from absorbing UV rays from the sun, helping to prevent acne on the face and other parts of the body.

4. Sunscreen reduces the risk of skin cancer.

Man applying sunscreen

          Sun exposure increases the risk of melanoma. Or skin cancer, up to 80% ever. Currently, there are quite a few people who are sick with skin cancer, including those who have died. And more than half of them are men. Applying sunscreen is therefore something that men should not overlook at all. Because it can help reduce the risk.