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How to remove scars on the face

Skin problems for girls aside from wrinkles and acne, there is also the problem  of scars that may be caused by acne or other factors, which results in an unsmooth face. and destroys the confidence of many girls. And if it happens  Scars on the face. What are some  ways

What causes chapped lips? 

During the winter, the air is dry, so extra water in our bodies evaporates. And because of this, it results in the skin being drier than normal. Especially the chapped lips, which are often dry and cracked before the rest of the skin. Because this area has no

5 great steps to add collagen to your face

  Today, ยูฟ่าเบท would like to present a technique for adding collagen to your face. From the Cheewajit book, collagen is a component of connective tissue that helps strengthen the skin’s elasticity. Make your skin look youthful and soft by Ms. Landa Ray, independent columnist and alternative

What are the benefits of sunscreen?

For many young men, when it comes to sunscreen, it may be a distant matter. But did you know that sunlight and heat are more harmful to your skin than you think? Therefore, even though it may seem like a hassle, add steps to your daily life. However,

9 great benefits of “chicken breast” that are not only

Any young woman who wants to lose weight, exercise, gain muscle and be careful about eating One of the health food that we have heard of sometimes is inevitable “chicken breast” that many people think should have only high protein. but in fact Chicken breasts are much more useful. ทางเข้า

The “smoothie” recipe that Japanese doctors recommend

A Japanese doctor said that good weight loss should start with a clean colon. If the bowels are not cleaned, waste from the food left behind and from the metabolic system will be sucked into the bloodstream. resulting in viscous blood and cause the accumulation of fat under

7 taboos – things to do when it rains to reduce the risk of “lightning”

Doctor warns of death thunderstorms, lightning risk It is advisable not to use mobile phones in open areas. Revealing how to help people touch a person who was struck by lightning. because it is different from electric shock ทางเข้า Where is the most vulnerable to lightning? Dr. Danai