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Every physical characteristic your cat has contributes to survival. The barbs on a male cat's penis are no exception. They help ensure that his genes are passed on through successful mating. He was not born with them, and if he was neutered very young he may never even develop them.
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Knock from Hall of Fame leads to one more celebration of Dick Stanfel's life

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Knock from Hall of Fame leads to one more celebration of Dick Stanfel - Detroit Lions Blog- ESPN

Procreating is serious business in the animal kingdom, and Mother Nature has gone out of her way to cleverly ensure the survival of her many, many denizens. From sex organs with multiple heads to prodigious shafts exceeding an animal's own body length, here are 12 of the weirdest and often scariest animal penises on the planet:. But what makes this soft-bodied marine mollusk particularly different is its ability to grow a new penis within 24 hours. Sea slugs are "simultaneous hermaphrodites," meaning they possess both male and female genitals and use both during intercourse. Within 24 hours, the slugs regenerate the penises and are ready to do it all over again.
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Penile spines

These spines have been described as being simple, single-pointed structures macaques or complex with two or three points per spine strepsirrhines. Felines, especially domestic cats, are well known for having penile spines. Upon withdrawal of a cat's penis , the spines rake the walls of the female's vagina , which may serve as a trigger for ovulation. Penile spines in chimpanzees and mice are small surface projections made by the piling up of keratinized cell layers in the outermost skin surface.
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Lions have very high copulation rates. The female may mate approximately every 15 minutes when she is in heat for three days and nights without sleeping, and sometimes with five different males. This often leads to physical exhaustion of males when only a one or two are involved. Males periodically sniff female reproductive organs for signs of oncoming estrus and if these signs are detected, they will follow a female until she is ready to mate. Females may signal their interest in mating with elaborate tail movements and by "walking sinuously past" a male.
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