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With their neat white ankle socks and dazzling smiles, the cheerleaders of McKinney North High School in Dallas looked as though butter would not melt in their lip-glossed mouths. But behind the cheery chants and high kicks, the truth was rather less savoury. Five members of the squad have scandalised Middle America after revelations that they bullied their coaches, menaced teachers, played truant and generally thumbed their noses at authority. Even after they turned up intoxicated at a school dance and posed for bawdy photographs in a condom shop wearing their cheerleader uniforms, disciplinary action was still a long way off.

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It turned into a morality lesson in more ways than one. What did they do that was so horrible? In December of , a Dallas attorney was hired to investigate. After conducting 75 interviews — with coaches, parents, students, and school administrators — he compiled a report which was shared with the Dallas Morning News. Five cheerleaders became so popular that they dominated the cheerleading squad. They wore low-cut tops banned by the dress code. They posed for salacious pictures and posted them on MySpace.

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Another features a bikini-clad teen sharing a bottle of alcohol with a friend. Posted on MySpace. The most infamous photo of all: five smiling cheerleaders in a Condoms to Go store.
The latest news is that there is a naughty documentary about the Fab Five McKinney cheerleaders which will premiere on Lifetime in August More photos of the Texas cheerleaders are here. One shot showed a bikini-clad girl sharing a bottle of booze with a friend. But the most infamous photo of all was taken in a Condoms To Go store. Five smiling cheerleaders dressed in uniform posed with large candles shaped like penises.
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