Varane reveals that ETH adds confidence, discipline Man Utd

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Manchester United defender Raphael Varane has revealed how Erik ten Hag has instilled confidence and discipline in them this season. Including confirming that they are ready for the challenge of the game against Barcelona, ​​the

“Red Devils” will open their homes to the visit of “Boonyok” in the second leg of the Europa League play-off round. which will play tonight

They drew 2-2 in the previous game at Camp Nou, but that didn’t give United much advantage because the away goals were no longer used to determine the match, but United fought.

with Barca had fun in the match before When asked about what Ten Hag gave the team, Varane replied, “I think the first thing is confidence. and the next thing is discipline.”

“I think tactically. We followed the plan exactly. We know exactly how to play and manage the game. I see that this team already has quality. but with more experience as well as an enhanced winning attitude and mindset. make us develop a lot That might be the difference between this season and last season ′′

I think we’ve grown a lot in the past few months. We play with confidence. And tomorrow’s atmosphere will be eerie. So we have to deal with emotions, stay calm and believe

. And the next step is to beat a team like Barcelona, ​​this is a great opportunity and a great challenge for us

. It’s two teams that open the game of chasing a high ball against each other. It was a great game and a good result for us.” the UFABET report

“Obviously we should have scored more goals in the first half. But overall we play with character and show ourselves on the pitch. which is very important And I think in the second game we knew exactly how to play. We want to play with passion, discipline and belief on the pitch. I think we have a good team. which is ready for the challenge”